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Kama Oxi / These Boots Are Not For Walking

Age: 21
Origins: Kiyv / UKRAINE
Height: 5.41 ft - Weight: 99 lb - Vital statistics: 30/24/31

Kama Oxi is a splendid brunette from Kiyv. She has one of the longest pair of legs on Earth !!! Long, slim, super sensual and with an amazing talent for posing, Kama knew early that she would become a model ! Her super long hair also gives her a little wild something that made is litterally melt !! Kama is an hedonist, she's addicted to all pleasures in life ! Eat delicious food, dance, meet new people, make love, take a nap under the sun with a great novel... and be in front of a camera, for our biggest pleasure !

Strip Show

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