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Elza / The Short Answer Is Yes

Age: 24
Origins: Kyiv / UKRAINE
Height: 5.54 ft - Weight: 104 lb - Vital statistics: 31/25.5/33

The lovely Elza is from Kyiv, Ukraine! The first thing you might notice about Elza is her smoldering eyes! Their light blue color will pull you in and have you thinking about her non-stop! One thing about Elza is that she is very flexible! She stretches every day, and apart from the well-known benefits of stretching, she also says and comes in handy in other situations (if you know what I mean). Elza also loves to go out and have some fun! No matter where she goes, she always ends up being the life and soul of the party! Although Elza has a wild spirit, she also enjoys staying in and reading a good book!

Strip Show

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